ITAXA is a law firm specialized in International Tax Consultancy, made up of a team of lawyers and accountants who, exploiting their knowledge in legal and economic matters, can provide clients with integrated services and effective solutions.

ITAXA offers national and international tax consultancy services to Italian and foreign clients. Our services can meet the requirements resulting from the ordinary or “pathological” relations between tax authorities and taxpayers.

International Tax Advice for Businesses

  • Advising
  • Fiscal planning 
  • Residence for tax purpose analysis
  • “Exit tax” enforceability verification
  • Relocation abroad Check-Up
  • “Hidden” permanent establishment Check-Up
  • Examination of Black List and White List CFC establishment
  • Black List Cost analysis
  •  Transfer Pricing compliance
  • Interrogation filing
  • International Ruling Agreements
  • Prevention of Evasion, Avoidance and Abuse of law
  • Analysis of the advantage related to Double Tax Treaties
  • Examination of VAT and other indirect taxes

International Tax Advice for Individuals

  • Advising
  • Tax planning and optimization
  • Taxation analysis of foreign incomes
  • Fiscal assistance to cross-border people
  • Analysis of residence for tax purpose in Italy and abroad
  • Assistance concerning the so-called “Fiscal Monitoring”
  • Assistance on the enforcement of “IVIE” and “IVAFE” taxes
  • Assistance for the “Voluntary Disclosure” procedure
  • Prevention of Evasion, Avoidance and Abuse of law
  • Property protection (Trusts, Property fund, Trustees, etc.)


Tax Assessments

  • Assistance during access, inspections and verifications
  • Definition of financial Administration’s assessments
  • Drafting of defence briefs
  • Filing of self-defence and relief application
  • Filing of application regarding the suspension of tax collection

Tax Litigation

  • Defence before Provincial and Regional Tax Commissions
  • Filing of appeals to the taxpayer’s Guarantor
  • Defence before the Court of Cassation

Tax Crimes

Defence during criminal proceedings for crimes concerning:

  • fraudulent tax return;
  • unfaithful tax return;  
  • omitted to file of a tax return;
  • issuance of documents for non-existent operations;
  • concealment or disappearance of documents;
  • omitted payment of certified withholding taxes;
  • omitted payment of VAT;
  • undue compensation;  
  • fraudulent avoidance of payment of taxes.