About us

The firm

ITAXA is a law firm specialized in International Tax Consultancy, made up of a team of lawyers and professional accountants working in international bodies and committed to the academic sphere who, exploiting their knowledge of the matter’s legal and economic aspects, are able to provide clients with integrated services and effective solutions. The particular attention the Office pays to the law profiles of the issues being examined, is suggested by the awareness that a tax planning neglecting the current mechanisms against evasion provided for by domestic and international regulations, can turn up to be particularly dangerous for the taxpayer.

What we do

Therefore, ITAXA withdraws from the forms of tax consultancy which, relying on the mere planning of operations’ moderateness, sets aside the analysis of the relevant legal aspects that is, on the contrary, necessary to avoid objections for tax violations. Our professionals tackle all issues alongside the clients, advising them against the potential risks. When clients refer to ITAXA after receiving objections from the financial administration, professionals defend them both in the extra-judicial phase and the litigation one before the tax jurisdiction bodies. Finally, the service is complemented by the competences in the penal-tax field, both in the phase of tax planning, in which ITAXA verifies that the programmed guidelines do not have a penal impact, and during taxpayers’ defense in the sphere of criminal proceedings for tax fraud.