Our approach

Tax consultancy: our method

ITAXA acts with the clear intention to provide its clients with the finest tools to achieve their goals and, at the same time, avoiding that clients may be in the position of irregularities in dealing with tax authorities. The values ​​bolstering the work of our professionals are the greatest transparency and sense of responsibility towards clients, as well as the awareness that the provision of a quality service is the result of a spirit of sacrifice, continuous professional updating and obsessive pursuit of perfection. The decision of combining the expertise of Lawyers and Accountants, with the resulting production of a perfect synergy between legal and economic competences, provides a thorough outlook of the problems being analyzed. The above factors allow ITAXA to operate at virtuous levels ensuring its clients the maximum customization of the services offered.

Dealing with the client

The client who addresses ITAXA is invited to explain the problem he wants to solve, or the goal he wants to reach, then our experts provide a first technical framework of the issue and also show the different practicable ways to come to a solution. The client can choose if giving the assignment to our professional experts, including the technical aspects of the matter concerned and the characteristics of the service offered by ITAXA, at his leisure and in a logic of fiduciary relations.