Tax consultancy

ITAXA offers services of national and international tax consultancy to Italian and foreign clients. Our services are able to meet the requirements coming from the normal and/or abnormal relations between Tax Authorities and Taxpayers. ITAXA professionals support the client even in the phase of tax planning in order to avoid that his behavior can be notified by the financial Administration. The team of Professionals is committed to contest on time the remarks passed on by the minute-takers in case of tax verifications, and uses the most suitable judicial instruments to define the acts of assessment formalized by the Office in favor of the taxpayer.

Assistance and legal defence

Furthermore, the client is is supported in the trials before the regional and provincial Tax Commissions, with defense techniques developed to the last detail and studied also in relation to the event of a trial before Cassation. Finally, our professionals are able to prepare the most refined defense strategies in the criminal proceedings for tax crimes foreseen and punished by the Legislative Decree 74/2000 and the other provisions of law on the matter.