Natural person taxation

Tax consultancy to natural persons

  1. Drafting of advices on international and national issues.
  2. Planning and optimization of natural persons taxation.
  3. Analysis of foreign incomes taxation in light of domestic, conventional and EU rules, and activation of procedures for the elimination of double taxation.
  4. Tax assistance to cross-border people.
  5. Verification of the existence of the necessary conditions for giving a residence for tax purposes in Italy and abroad.
  6. Assistance on the accomplishment of “Tax Monitoring” of investments abroad (RW framework) and the implementation of taxes on the immovables value and financial activities located abroad (“IVIE” and “IVAFE“).
  7. Assistance on the procedure of voluntary cooperation for the identification of financial and property activities set up or owned outside the State’s territory (“Voluntary Disclosure“).
  8. Prevention of the possibilities of Evasion, Avoidance and Abuse of process.
  9. Arrangement of the proper instruments for properties management and protection (Trust, Property Fund, Insurances and Italian and Foreign trust companies).