Tax offences

Defence in criminal proceeding for tax offences

Representation, defense and advice in favor of the client in the sphere of criminal proceedings for crimes provide for and punished by the Legislative Decree March 10 2000, n.74, and other provisions, such as:

  1. As for statements::
    • fraudulent statement by using invoices or other documents for non-existent operations;
    • fraudulent statement through other devices;
    • unfaithful statement;
    • omitted filing of the statement;
  2. As for documents:
    • issue of invoices or other documents for non-existent operations;
    • concealment or breaking of accounts books;
  3. As for tax payment:
    • omitted payment of certified with holding taxes;
    • omitted payment of VAT deposit;
    • undue compensation;
    • fraudulent avoidance of tax payment.

The particular specialization in the field of taxation system allows our professionals the arrangement of an accurate and effective defense in case of tax offences referable to relocation abroad, hidden permanent establishment and rules violation concerning Transfer Pricing.